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Apr 18


Specifying SDS Aqua-Swirl hydrodynamic separators gave us added flexibility to engineer high-performance water quality protection upstream of SuDS ponds for the latest phase of the Berewood development. SDS’s bespoke inhouse manufacturing facilities, together with a wide choice of product sizes and outlet pipe diameters, allowed us to minimise the sizes of the devices we required. With the added benefit of the Aqua-SwirlTM’s lightweight plastic construction, we were therefore able to reduce excavation and construction costs significantly.

Paul Stewart, Technical Director, Mayer Brown.

Mar 18


SDS helped us to engineer a successful SuDS outcome at an extremely challenging brownfield location. SDS GEOlight® tanks were integral to the drainage solution, providing attenuation to meet the very low site discharge rate on a steeplysloping site with limited space and no opportunity to infiltrate. Using below-ground storage in conjunction with surface water drainage features facilitated environmental and wildlife benefits above-ground, while achieving sufficient surface water storage necessary to satisfy planning requirements at this sensitive location.

Ben Rayner, Principal Engineer, Stomor Group.

Oct 17


This project provided a unique set of challenges on surface water management which demanded that we look ‘outside the box’ and cast our net even wider to identify solutions that we had previously been unaware of. Having found the answer we were looking for in SDS’s new hydrodynamic vortex separation and filtration system we are proud to have installed the UK’s very first Aqua-Filter™. Following successful pre-installation testing we are eagerly anticipating the first set of results of the system in situ.

Ed Hoskins, Senior Associate, Cambria Consulting.

Oct 17


The ability to meet new best practice guidelines on the quality of surface water runoff was a primary objective of this project. We worked closely with SDS to understand how their stormwater treatment products can deliver suitable water quality improvements; this allowed us to illustrate that the ‘pollution hazard’ associated with the site was adequately mitigated by the specified treatment devices.

Wayne Llewellyn, Principal Engineering Co-ordinator, RPS Planning & Development.

Jun 17


GEOlight® geocellular storage from SDS was the obvious choice for the water management solution designed by Ulrich Groenewald of the engineering project team from AECOM, in coordination with SDS. We were able to work with the architect to deliver a drainage design that satisfied regulations and reflected our analysis of what rainfall we might expect.

Michael Orr, Principal Engineer, AECOM

Sep 16


The installation of a system comprising a device of concrete construction, until now our only option, would have required the use of a 350 tonne crane and most likely, due to the massive inconvenience not just to us but to the airport and local road network, would not have been feasible at all. The Aqua-Swirl™’s versatility meant that we could design the devices for the specific requirements of this site, without the need for any bends in piping, whilst their inherent strength allowed us to save on time and cost through not requiring a concrete surround. Their compact size and small footprint, together with the lifting supports and straps provided, meant installation was very quick and simple and final placement could be done manually; we needed only a single day in which to dig, position, connect up and back fill.

Brian Fegan, Site Engineer, Whitemountain.

Jul 15


Having reviewed our requirements, SDS took the initiative to design and value engineer a bespoke system, enabling us to pass on significant savings to our client. Their innovative design involved several stages of surface water treatment and was crucial to securing planning approval from the Council and the Environment Agency.

Sean O’Connor, Site Manager, VINCI Construction UK.

Jun 15


SDS played a crucial role in designing a bespoke SuDS solution for this substantial development. As we continue to take on further rail development projects, we will be turning to SDS for their invaluable knowledge and expertise in this specialist and increasingly important sector.

Nico Wessels, Site Manager, VolkerFitzpatrick.

Feb 15


By master-planning and installing necessary infrastructure at the very beginning, we have future-proofed our community at Berewood, making it more resilient to the horrid weather we have seen recently. The result is that in spite of the worst rainfall for 150 years the land at Berewood has never looked drier.

John Beresford, Development Director, Grainger plc.

Nov 14


SDS was instrumental in securing planning approval by designing a bespoke SuDS solution that was able to meet stringent discharge rates; through the prevention of flooding, by using source control techniques to manage the run-off from the site, any impact on the receiving watercourses is kept to an absolute minimum.

Matthew Richardson, Engineering Consultant, AECOM

Nov 11


We were really impressed with how the project came together at quite some speed despite the prevailing conditions. We are pleased with the result and the plant is working efficiently.

Sandy Coutts, Distillery Manager, Tamdhu Distillery.

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