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South Lanarkshire Schools

Scottish Government invests in new and renovated schools


In order to support the education of a growing regional population all primary schools in the Glasgow and East Kilbride areas are to benefit from the first phase of an extensive educational investment programme by the Scottish Government.


Commissioned by Bovis Lendlease (as principal contractor) on behalf of South Lanarkshire Council, our brief was to supply and install surface water and sustainable drainage systems.


Construction commenced in 2013, with the first phase, costing £250 million, to be completed by 2015.


The project’s main objective is to improve the standard of the education estate and to provide school educational facilities to support an ongoing increase in schoolchildren numbers, whilst enhancing residents’ living standards and helping to foster a greater sense of local community.

How it works

A combination of new build, renovation and refurbishment has been used to support the programme of improving the facilities of circa 60 schools. Refurbishment has involved drainage amongst various other aspects including upgrading of roofs, exterior walls and decoration, playground and paths, fences and walls, dry rot, asbestos control and the removal of pigeon droppings.


Sustainable surface water management systems have been specified for 6 new primary schools that are being built alongside pre-existing establishments including Kirkton in Carluke, South Park and Heathery Knowe in East Kilbride, Garrowhill in Glasgow city, and Neilsland and St Peter’s in Hamilton; they have also been designed in to the plans for the new Mossneuk Primary School in East Kilbride.


GEOlight® attenuation tanks, with a combined capacity of circa 1500m3 across multiple sites, were supplied tailor-made to the circumstances of each individual school and installed by SDS personnel.


The requirement to work on a number of school projects over an extended period of time demanded detailed planning and coordination of resources, ensuring that each project was completed within schedule and in line with all other associated construction services.

South Lanarkshire Schools

The Scottish Government has placed a huge emphasis on high quality learning and is committed to delivering high quality, well designed, sustainable schools through the Scotland’s Schools for the Future programme.

What our Customers say

The installation of a system comprising a device of concrete construction, until now our only option, would have required the use of a 350 tonne crane and most likely, due to the massive inconvenience not just to us but to the airport and local road network, would not have been feasible at all. The Aqua-Swirl™’s versatility meant that we could design the devices for the specific requirements of this site, without the need for any bends in piping, whilst their inherent strength allowed us to save on time and cost through not requiring a concrete surround. Their compact size and small footprint, together with the lifting supports and straps provided, meant installation was very quick and simple and final placement could be done manually; we needed only a single day in which to dig, position, connect up and back fill.

Brian Fegan, Site Engineer, Whitemountain.

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