Cross Flow Media

Water management systems – optimised design, engineered to last

Our Cross Fluted Fills improve water distribution by splitting the water stream as it descends through the fill pack.

High thermal performance (high KaV/L) and low pressure drop are simultaneously achieved through engineered flute/micro-structure design and the highest manufacturing standards.


Cross Flow Media Product Details

Cross Flow Media


The CF1200 splits the water stream 10 times in a 305mm vertical path.


This media is similar to the standard CF1200 but has Alternating Tips that eliminate flooding at fill pack interfaces.


The CF1900 splits the water stream 8 times in a 12″ (305mm) vertical path.


The CF3000 splits the water stream 5 times in a 12″ (305mm) vertical path.

Model Application
CF1200 / CF1200AT Package counter flow towers (HVAC and light industrial applications);

As a distribution pad in 100mm and 150mm depths.

Water quality must be ‘good to very good’

CF1900 Field-erected or package counter flow cooling towers and cross flow towers;

Power, Refining, Chemical, Steel and Food Processing applications

Water quality must be ‘average to good’.

CFS3000 Lower quality water where the unit’s larger channels decrease the potential for fouling.


Features Benefits
Bonded edge with dedicated bond points. Provides added durability
Engineered micro-structure. Delivers improved water distribution, high thermal performance and thermal mixing.
Proprietary edge trim. Directs water to both sides of the sheet.
Available in PVC and HPVC. Material meets Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Standard 136.

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