Inlet Louvres

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Our CL-100 Cellular Inlet Louvres enhance towers’ performance in a number of ways by improving air flow into the cooling tower, preventing debris from entering, eliminating water splash-out, restricting sunlight entering the tower (to impede algae growth), reducing noise from the tower and improving the tower’s appearance.


Inlet Louvres Product Details

Inlet Louvres

These louvres are suitable for new and retrofit applications, including air inlets for both package- and field- erected counter flow and straight-sided cross flow towers, fresh air make-up systems and air pollution control scrubbers.

Features Benefits
Constructed entirely of CTI Standard 136 PVC. Provides durability, weather resistance and self fire-extinguishing characteristics.
Cellular ‘baffle’ design and black colour. Significantly blocks sunlight (70:1 light reduction).
Promotes algae growth on the interior surfaces of the cooling tower system. Reduces the cost of algae-removal chemicals and labour, allowing the tower to operate more efficiently.
Unique baffle design. Reduces noise that leaves the tower through the louvre modules by 3 decibels.
Proprietary, engineered cellular baffling. Restricts splash-out, light, weather and noise but still achieves very low pressure drop results.
Pre-assembled modules are 1 foot (305mm) wide, 2.5 inches (63.5mm) deep, and available in lengths from 1 foot (305mm) to 10 feet (3050mm). Ensures convenient installation.
Optional CL-100 Assembly houses multiple CL-100 modules in a single extruded PVC ‘frame’ with mounting flanges available on one, two or all four sides. Makes installation easier and allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance.


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