There are many descriptive categories of water, from storm, flood and surface run-off, to waste, drinking and grey for example; however, all emanate essentially from one original source, rainfall.

SDS systems reflect an innovative, sustainable approach to managing rainwater where it falls, whether on a car park, at the side of the road or on public open spaces. Their primary objective is to ensure that surface water flows in a controlled and predictable way through the mimicking of natural drainage systems.

SDS is acknowledged as the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative, efficient, cost-effective water management and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). Through early consideration and recommendation of the potential benefits and opportunities that SuDS schemes allow, and how they might best integrate with the development’s plans, SDS ensures it is able to provide its customers with the most appropriate solutions.

Reliable water management in the UK is built on the interlinked infrastructure for its collection, storage, treatment and conveyance. SDS’s integrated water management system provides the definitive solution to ensure that, from the point at which rainfall first meets the ground to the point of its ultimate dispersal, surface water runoff can be collected, treated, stored and released efficiently and sustainably.