The abstraction of water from the environment, and its return as waste water, create major environmental demands on the water industry’s infrastructure to meet water quality standards. The impacts of untreated waste water range from chronic ecosystem damage, to potential health hazards.

The management of urban wastewater involves the collection, conveyance, treatment and re-use or disposal of various flows, comprising blackwater, greywater and stormwater, that differ in composition and treatment and disposal requirements. Each of these flows is made up of different quantities of water, pollutant loads and nutrient content; the challenge is to manage these different elements in an affordable and beneficial way (i.e. to capture nutrients, water and energy) with minimal impact on human health and the natural environment.

To assist in this challenge, SDS supplies and installs cross flow and vertical flow media, media support systems, walkways, rotary distributors and variable speed electric drives. We also provide technical support in the sizing and design of plastic media trickling filters.