Biotower Walkway

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SDS-Grid interlocking panels provide a protective layer from foot traffic, hydraulic impact and UV degradation on top of biological trickling filter media or tube settlers.


Biotower Walkway Product Details

Biotower Walkway

SDS-Grid can be used in rectangular or circular tank configurations, for new or existing installations. These strong panels will support in excess of 1000 pounds per square foot and are ideal for service walkways.

The panels are moulded of corrosion-resistant polypropylene for superior strength and maximum service life for the grating and the media. They provide an economical, cost-effective opportunity to cover the entire media surface, providing complete access to all areas of the distribution system.

Features Benefits
Innovative design uses one-piece construction of moulded self-guiding connections to join the panels together. Easy to cut to size, with no edge sealing required.
No additional hardware required. Eliminates problems with loosened or dropped fasteners, therefore reducing installation time and labour.
UV-stabilised. Inhibits UV degradation of the grating and provides additional protection for the underlying media from extended exposure to sunlight.
Unique non-skid walking surface designed for foot traffic. Improves safety of operators and employees.
2″ x 2″ grid pattern. Acts as a dampening system for hydraulic impact.

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