Cross Flow Media

Water management systems – optimised design, engineered to last

SDS supplies Cross Flow Media modules that are specifically designed for biological fixed film systems and provide a cost-effective method for reduction of organics (roughing and polishing), nitrification, denitrification and anaerobic treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters.


Cross Flow Media Product Details

Cross Flow Media

These modules are fabricated from rigid, non-flammable PVC sheets, which are UV-protected and resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria, acids and alkalis commonly present in municipal wastewater.

The modules are excellent for both circular and rectangular systems, with either rotary distributors or fixed nozzles, making them suitable for new installations or the replacement of existing media in trickling filters, biotowers and nitrification towers.

Features Benefits
Ideal replacement for rock, wood or random media. Increases retention time and wastewater biomass contact; improves wastewater distribution and ventilation.
High mixing/redistribution and open void area promotes air and liquid mixing without impeding flow. Excellent for submerged fixed-film systems in either aerobic or anaerobic modes.
SDS’s patented manufacturing process produces dedicated bond joints. Ensures:

  • Precise and complete bonds between sheets at each of the multiple joints, from the edges throughout the entire self-supporting module;
  • Pre-engineered number of mixing/redistribution points as the bonded joints become the mixing points for each pair of sheets;
  • Uniform size openings and uniform module dimensions creating superior creep resistance and structural integrity.


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