Mixed media

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Mixed Media is the optimal configuration of PVC structured sheet media in bio-towers for superior wastewater treatment.

Mixed media Product Details

Mixed media

The Mixed Media concept combines the superior distribution properties of cross flow media with the reduced potential for clogging of vertical flow media, to give consistent and efficient biological wastewater treatment.

Mixed Media is ideal for use in the modern trickling filter that is designed for (4.8) or more of media depth. This configuration improves the mixing, hydraulics, surface area, ventilation and physical strength of the media beyond that of either cross flow or vertical flow media.

Features Benefits
Cross flow media in top two layers. Optimise the distribution of wastewater over the surface of the filter.
Vertical flow media. Provide additional structural integrity.
Increased shearing in vertical layers. Reduces the potential for excessive biomass build-up.
Thinner biofilm. Improves substrate removal efficiency of both carbonaceous and nitrogenous BoD.
Higher oxygen transfer in the upper cross flow media. Optimises the aerobic conditions to support BoD oxidation.
Trickling filter media modules fabricated from rigid, non-flammable PVC sheets. Material is resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria, acids and alkalis commonly found in wastewater.
Built-in UV protection. Prevents damage and degradation from extended exposure to sunlight.


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