Rotary Distributor

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SDS designs, supplies and installs rotary distributors to pass wastewater evenly over plastic or mineral media.


Rotary Distributor Product Details

Rotary Distributor

Rotation is achieved using (a) centrally mounted paddle wheel(s), turbine vanes or reaction drive depending on flow requirements.

Arms discharge from the top or from the side using splash plates to provide ‘curtain’ effect distribution.

The distributors are sized based on flow rates and tank diameter and range from 2 to 500 litres per second and from 4 to 35 metres in diameter.

Features Benefits
Uncomplicated drive. Hard wearing.
Robust self-lubricating bearing design. Delivers long life and requires minimal maintenance.
Distributor and media from a single source. Ensures process integrity.
Electric drive available as an option. Provides variable speed control.
Open trough arms available as an option. Minimises maintenance required.


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