Vertical Flow Media

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Our Vertical Flow Media Modules feature vertical channels with large openings that produce the higher water velocities necessary to create an anti-fouling environment in the fill, helping to improve water distribution and thermal mixing.


Vertical Flow Media Product Details

Vertical Flow Media

These modules are designed to remove carbonaceous and nitrogenous BOD while providing anti-fouling characteristics for biodegradation of municipal and industrial wastewaters in trickling filters, anaerobic reactors and similar bio-systems.

The modules are fabricated from rigid, non-flammable PVC sheets, which are UV-protected and resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria, acids and alkalis that are commonly found in municipal wastewater.

Features Benefits
Larger flute openings and no flute microstructure. Ensures maximum water velocity.
Bonded edge with dedicated bond points. Provides added durability.
Proprietary edge cutting technology produces

square packs.

Directs water efficiently to both sides of the sheet.
Material meets cooling tower institute (CTI)

standard 136.

Satisfies exacting industry standards.
Open geometry and vertical orientation of the Media is designed to shear away excess biosolids. Reduces the potential for plugging.
No sharp angles or pockets, where excess biomass might accumulate. A thinner biofilm is retained, minimising loss of effective surface area.
Mid-module splash slope distributes the wastewater onto the thin biofilm. Ensures superior process performance by increasing wastewater redistribution, oxygen transfer and substrate removal rates.



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