Weholite can be defined as spirally wound pipe or flat panel, manufactured from corrosion-resistant HDPE, to provide a light weight, engineered solution with superior loading capacity that is chemically inert and provides a projected 120-year design life.

Weholite is used in a variety of pipeline applications from simple road or rail culverts to more demanding inter-process pipework on sewerage treatment plants and for offsite build components.

Weholite pipes can also be used for hydroelectric pipelines and intake structures, anaerobic digestion and air vent systems, and as storage, contact and inter-process pipework for drinking water applications.

How does it work?

In the design of water distribution systems, thermoplastic structured wall pipes represent a superior alternative because of their excellent physical, hydraulic and mechanical properties, and behave differently to traditional steel, ductile iron, concrete and other pipe systems.

The uniqueness of the Weholite production process means that pipes can be run in any length from 300mm to 30m in one piece. It is one of the few polyethylene pipes in the world that can be produced in dimensions larger than two metres and can be supplied in ring stiffness classes from 2 to 8kN/m2.

Weholite pipes are manufactured and certificated to meet the material and performance requirements of BS EN 13476: 2007 (Part 1-3) Plastic Piping Systems for Non-Pressure Underground Drainage and Sewerage.

Weholite pipes have attained certification for DWI Regulation 31 Reference no DWI 56.4.513 “Approved for use in public water supplies” and are WRAS-approved.

SDS Weholite Pipes

Effective from August 2019 Asset International Ltd, the formerly licenced seller and manufacturer of Weholite in the UK, has been acquired by SDS. The acquisition includes the exclusive licence, granted by Upinor Infra, to manufacture and sell Weholite, in modular and large diameter plastic pipe form, in the UK and Ireland.

The  production plant in Newport, South Wales, which has been manufacturing Weholite for more than 20 years, operates four extrusion lines with the capacity to produce 10,000 tonnes of Weholite products each year.


Manufactured in sizes from 400mm internal dia to 3.5 metres
Largest choice of pipe bores available

Light weight
Enables super-fast installation

Resistant to impact, abrasion, corrosion, UV- and environmental deterioration
Can be used in harsh conditions and difficult locations

Available in one-piece lengths from 300mm to 30metres
All projects designed to optimise pipe length

Flexible, durable and reliable
Capable of withstanding extreme temperature ranges

Fusion-welded and watertight mechanical joints
120 year design life (60 years above ground)

Fully compliant with BS EN 13476
Meets latest EU regulations

Environmentally friendly production
Non-toxic, lower carbon footprint

Available as structured Wehopanels
Provides alternative structural solution

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SDS prevent contaminated surface runoff from entering the natural surroundings


Weholite installs attenuation system at flagship renewable biomass CHP plant