SDS WM1000 is a fully automated system that provides an integrated rainwater management and delivery platform to control the collection, treatment and distribution of rainwater to an end user application.

Rainwater Harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater that typically would otherwise flow down gutters into the drain. SDS commercial rainwater harvesting systems are able to reduce consumption and improve efficiency of water use, saving money and enhancing corporate sustainability as well as reducing mains water consumption by up to 30%.

Rainwater harvesting can be incorporated into new build developments such as at London’s Southbank Place and retrofitted to existing buildings where there is sufficient roof space to capture rainwater.

How does it work?

SDS WM1000’s control software incorporates a level sensor which ensures rainwater is prioritised as the primary water source. An integral AA-rated break tank ensures a constant water supply is achieved by intelligently switching to mains water when rainwater is unavailable.

By assessing the site’s geographic and infrastructure suitability, we can design and install a bespoke system to collect and filter rainwater, feeding it back into the property through a simple yet robust treatment system. This ensures that only the cleanest, soft water is utilised for non-potable purposes such as flushing toilets, vehicle washing and irrigation.

By combining rainwater and greywater recycling in the form of a hybrid system, such as at London’s Southbank Place, greater demands for sustainable water supply, both on- and off- site, can be met.

To enable a system to be designed, an understanding of the roof size, volume of water consumed on site and potential use of the captured rainwater is required. Due to the volume of roof area and water required, rainwater harvesting is most often adopted by retail outlets, distribution centres or large commercial buildings. Its benefits are greatest, and the payback period minimised, in geographical areas with both historically high rainfall and high water supply charges.

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Can be partnered with rainwater collection and treated water tanks.
Provides diverse range of applications.

Compatible with above- or below- ground installations.
Provides flexible usage.

Tiered redundancy system allows two mains water backups, operating on separate power supplies.
Ensures supply of water even in the event of system component failure.

Controller is supplied from a submersible pump located within the rainwater harvesting tank.
Ensures that the bulk of the stored water is kept in cool conditions.

Bespoke pump sizes available on request.
Increases or decreases the amount of water supplied.

Optional sub-metering and automated meter reading via telemetry system.
Provides client access to accurate rainwater and mains water usage 24/7.

Remote production volume monitoring available as an optional extra.
Provides 24/7 access to rainwater harvesting data via SDS SYMBiotIC™ web-based client portal.

Connection via GSM signal to Intellistorm® optional.
Provides control of tank water levels to optimise water reuse efficiency (via predictive weather forecasting).


Southbank Place, London

SDS Intellistorm® Rainwater Management System installed at prestigious new development

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