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SDS, in collaboration with civil engineering company Hartcrown Limited, has installed a 227mGEOlight® surface water attenuation tank at The Chocolate Factory in London. This installation is part of the site’s redevelopment into a mixed-use space with commercial floorspace and 230 residential units occupying a range of buildings from three to eight storeys tall.

Situated southwest of Wood Green Metropolitan Town Centre, the site which was once home to Barratt & Co, one of the largest manufacturers of sweets in the world, is undergoing a transformation that integrates historical heritage with contemporary design. The redevelopment includes residential and commercial components, with a focus on affordability and inclusivity; its architectural vision combines contemporary design with contextual sensitivity, creating vibrant public realm and a cohesive urban landscape.

This initiative sets a new standard for sustainable urban development in London, showcasing the transformative power of innovation and collaboration and setting a benchmark for future projects between SDS and Hartcrown. The attenuation tank at The Chocolate Box Factory is a testament to proactive, forward-thinking approaches shaping the cities of tomorrow.