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We are innovators in water technology, identifying and delivering engineering solutions that enable global water infrastructure to operate sustainably and to its maximum efficiency potential.

SDS all started with a single great idea – our GEOlight® geocellular stormwater attenuation and infiltration system. Twenty years on and we’ve grown to become the UK’s leader in sustainable drainage systems.

To meet the increasing threat of water scarcity, we have recently extended our portfolio to include new water reuse and recycling systems. We’re committed to continually developing innovative new engineering solutions to meet forthcoming market requirements and the demands of our growing customer base.

We strive to deliver the best value in every project we handle. Often, we may advise prospective customers on ways in which they can reduce cost or add value, without affecting the performance and reliability of the desired solution. This principle has both brought new customers to us and contributed to our fantastic customer loyalty.

How do we do it?

Our comprehensive range of services includes designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining water management systems which capture and treat water before controlling its return to the natural water cycle, or retaining it for reuse or recycling.

Each solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of individual projects, allowing us to support our customers with a full-service solution.

By taking responsibility for each element of the project, we can ensure that our systems will always operate to their maximum efficiency.

Why do we do it?

The UK’s water sector largely comprises of both naturally occurring bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and aquifers, as well as man-made systems including land and pluvial drainage, surface water and flood management systems. The infrastructure required in order to manage and control water was essentially engineered and built for the climatic, environmental and social conditions that existed over a century ago. It therefore requires radical rethinking and redevelopment as we progress further into the 21st century.

“Our quality of life, and our successes as an economy in the future, will depend on our infrastructure’s ability to respond to future challenges.

“The UK needs water supply and flood defences that can respond to the risk of extreme floods and drought. All this needs to be done in a way that is well designed and affordable for the government and the public.”

National Infrastructure Assessment, NI Commission, July 2018


New research by BSI, in partnership with Waterwise suggests that without action, 75% of the world’s population could be facing drought by 2050. 

As a result of water scarcity, countries can experience up to 6 percent reduction in economic growth.  

Fifty-five per cent of those living in flood-risk areas know they are at risk, and of these, 60% have taken some action to prepare for flooding. 

Water infrastructure is essential to the storage and delivery of water to domestic, industrial, agricultural and other commercial users and to its efficient removal, treatment and recycling as waste water. SDS plays an important role in helping maintain and further improve this infrastructure to meet the requirements today and in the future.

Demands for a lower carbon footprint for water are likely to migrate water infrastructure from one that is currently based on a centralised system, to one that also integrates recycling with distributed storage and treatment systems at a local level. SDS is committed to designing and engineering solutions that reflect this progression towards integrated ‘smart networks’ and a more sustainable approach to urban water management.