Our water storage systems store water, underground, which is unable to soak into the ground naturally. It can later be allowed to attenuate or infiltrate under controlled conditions or retained for subsequent use.

SDS’s original product GEOlight® was designed and engineered to protect CSOs and saturated land from overloading due to extreme rainfall. Unlike the antiquated drainage systems that many of our cities and towns are equipped with, our geocellular storage tank systems are designed to accept substantial and rapid influx of surface water, retaining this excess water until such time as it can be safely released.

To avoid the potential for flooding, stormwater should be removed quickly and efficiently.

SDS GEOlight®

A unique geocellular system that’s widely recognised as the UK’s market leading water storage and attenuation / infiltration system. It has been specifically engineered to form underground water storage reservoirs in stormwater management schemes.


SDS Weholite

Weholite pipes are made from high density polyethylene – HDPE – and represent a significant contribution in the development of thermoplastic structured wall pipe systems.



With a storage volume of over 96%, Rigofill® can accommodate up to three times the amount of water that gravel swales can. Their cross-shaped inspection tunnel allows the content to be monitored simply and accurately, and to be flushed out as may be required in four dimensions.



Stortford Fields

SDS provided stormwater attenuation for development of over 2,000 homes

Edinburgh Airport

SDS installs Scotland’s largest stormwater attenuation system

BWSC, Kent

Weholite installs attenuation system at flagship renewable biomass CHP plant

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