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The groundwork for flood prevention at the upcoming Lidl supermarket in Bristol has taken a significant step forward as SDS completes the installation of a crucial surface water attenuation tank. This 684m³ capacity tank serves as a typical example of our careful planning and engineering prowess, essential for mitigating flood risks in urban environments.

Working hand in hand with Tinnelly Construction Ltd, SDS has ensured the seamless integration of the attenuation tank into the development’s infrastructure. The tank’s purpose is clear: to efficiently manage the removal of stormwater and thereby prevent flooding, safeguarding the new Lidl food store’s car park and surrounding areas from potential damage by excessive rainfall that the site’s drainage system might otherwise struggle to accommodate.

The Lidl store, located at Cribbs Causeway Triangle in Bristol, will occupy a spacious 2275m² layout and is part of a larger mixed-use development. This location was strategically chosen for its accessibility and convenience, situated between the A4018 and B4055 roads and adjacent to the Avonmouth railway line. The development, spanning 44 hectares of land, includes up to 1,000 new residential dwellings, an 86-bed Extra Care Home, a 2-form entry primary school, community facilities, and associated public open space and sporting facilities.

According to plans outlined by Lidl, the store will feature a car park with approximately 140 parking spaces, catering to the anticipated customer traffic in the area. Lidl expects to serve an estimated 3,000 customers per week at this location, making it a significant addition to the local retail landscape.

The site, approximately 0.74 hectares in size, is currently open and undeveloped. It will be transformed into a modern, single-storey food store building. The Lidl store will be designed to meet its specific requirements and specifications for the local centre, with outside amenities including dedicated disabled spaces, parent/child spaces, and electric vehicle charging stations.

From drainage details to energy efficiency measures, every aspect of the development has been carefully considered to ensure it meets regulatory standards and contributes positively to the community and the environment.

This is one of many projects that SDS has delivered for Lidl across the UK.