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In a recent demonstration of advanced water management, the Intellistorm® smart water management system, developed by SDS, has showcased its capability to handle significant rainfall events. Deployed at a school in Lancashire, the system has effectively managed stormwater over the recent rainy period, reducing the load on local sewer systems.

Between 22nd and 28th May, the Intellistorm® system utilised weather forecasts to make informed decisions on water storage and release. By anticipating rainfall, the system was able to create sufficient capacity to capture stormwater, preventing potential flooding and sewer overflows.

The accompanying data (as illustrated in the chart below) highlights the system’s performance. The blue line indicates water depth, while the green line shows the predictive target depth based on forecasted rainfall (represented by the black line). During this period, the system acted multiple times to release water before the actual rainfall occurred, thus mitigating the impact on the combined sewer system.

Key Insights:

Proactive Management: The Intellistorm® system released water prior to predicted rainfall, effectively reducing peak load on the sewer system by several thousand litres.

Forecast vs. Actual: The data illustrates the variability between forecasted and actual rainfall, a critical factor in understanding the system’s operational decisions.

Significant Capacity Creation: By pre-emptively releasing water, the system created significant capacity, allowing it to capture and manage several cubic metres of stormwater.

This intelligent approach to water management is particularly relevant given the increasing frequency and intensity of rainfall events due to climate change. Systems like SDS Intellistorm® are crucial in urban areas where impermeable surfaces can lead to rapid runoff and overwhelm sewer systems.

The proactive release of water before significant rainfall events not only protects the local environment but also ensures that infrastructure can cope with sudden increases in water volume. The Intellistorm® system’s performance in Lancashire is a testament to the potential of smart water management solutions in creating resilient urban infrastructure.