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At SDS, we are committed to supporting community initiatives that promote sustainable living and environmental conservation. We are delighted to announce our recent donation of a rainwater harvesting butt to Windmill Community Gardens in Margate.

Windmill Community Gardens is a vibrant space dedicated to regenerative gardening and sustainable practices. It is well known for its innovative approach to conserving water resources, which includes using mulch to reduce evaporation and growing produce close together in their polytunnel.

A representative from the Gardens expressed their appreciation:  ‘We are delighted to be able to make use of the new resources you have generously provided.  We are expecting the publication of our annual report and we have expressed our gratitude for this kind donation in our July report.’

The installation of the new water butt will greatly enhance the staff’s efforts to conserve water and support their nature friendly gardening activities. The butt is strategically placed to maximise the collection and storage of rainwater, ensuring that the garden has a reliable source of water for a variety of plants and crops during dry periods and throughout the growing season.

This initiative not only supports the Gardens’ current needs but also aligns with longer term goals of environmental stewardship and community education on sustainable practices.

SDS is proud to support Windmill Community Gardens and their dedication to sustainable gardening practices.