Our innovative water reuse systems are designed to improve efficiency and ensure continual and sustainable business operations.

With an increasing population and more water-intensive lifestyles contributing to rising water scarcity, all commercial organisations need to secure a reliable source of water to ensure continual and sustainable business operations.

According to MIT, over 50% of the global population will be living in areas with water scarcity by 2050.

Ultimately, the installation of a tailored water recycling system will reduce potable water use, lower costs and enable businesses to reduce their environmental impact and achieve CSR targets.

Our innovative Rainwater Harvesting, Greywater Recycling and Intellistorm® products incorporate cutting-edge technology and unique features that deliver unrivalled solutions for a wide range of projects.

Over 11 billion litres of water enter the UK’s sewer systems every day.

SDS Rainwater Harvesting

A fully automated system which provides an integrated rainwater management and delivery platform to control the collection, storage and distribution of rainwater to an end user application.

SDS Greywater Recycling

A fully automated system which delivers a consistent supply of treated greywater to meet a site’s required daily volume. It captures the water that has been used for showering or bathing which, after specialised filtration, is fed back in to the property for use in non-potable purposes such as flushing toilets, irrigation and laundry.

SDS Intellistorm®

Interprets weather forecasting data to help a site to maximise water reuse and reduce discharge to drain. This is enabled by intelligently maximising the storage and reuse of collected rainwater for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation, vehicle cleaning, manufacturing and cooling systems.


Southbank Place, London

SDS Intellistorm® Rainwater Management System installed at prestigious new development

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