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SDS grey water recycling system helps hotel chain to achieve sustainability goals.


The three-storey hotel is built on former agricultural land and provides 3,000m2 of floorspace.

SDS was engaged to minimise the impact of the development’s requirement for the supply and disposal of water on the local environment and existing infrastructure, thereby helping to achieve sustainability objectives through efficient water management.

This has been achieved through the reuse of grey water collected from showers, wash basins and baths for the purpose of flushing all of the property’s WCs.


This installation represents the introduction of SDS’s uniquely designed grey water on-demand recycling system, which will support the hotel’s water supply, and reduce disposal, by up to 3m3 per day.

SDS Grey Water On Demand Recycling System, a smaller than traditional system, including underground tanks for collected and treated water, was installed due to limited plant space available in the building and to help fulfil sustainability goals.

The system was assembled off site, simplifying installation which largely consisted of incoming and outgoing connections, overflow to drain connections, electrical supply and integration of chemical dosing.


Grey water storage is achieved by means of an underground 4.4m3 tank, which incorporates a submersible pump capable of delivering up to 2m3 per hour. Only the plant items, which take around 5m2 of space, and include a 1,000 litre break tank and treated water distribution pump-set, are located above ground.

The system features dry block chlorine dosing, making it safer under COSSH regulations and easier to replenish, store and maintain than the more traditional, liquid chlorine dosing units.

During periods of routine maintenance and servicing, and during periods of shutdown, the grey water recycling system can be switched to enable water to be supplied through the mains water feed to the treated water storage tank, bypassing the grey water supply.

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