For construction sites where space is limited, or in spaces outside of the excavation area, our highly durable and hard-wearing Rigofill® storage units can be stacked on top of each other. 

How does it work?

With a storage volume of over 96%, Rigofill® can accommodate up to three times the amount of water that gravel swales can (which only use about 30% of their volume). Their cross-shaped inspection tunnel allows the content to be monitored simply and accurately, and to be flushed out as may be required in four dimensions.

All it takes is one person to quickly pre-assemble Rigofill®’s lightweight blocks, outside of the site excavation pit. Using high tensile strength connections, half elements are joined together into a robust, single block unit. Half blocks, together with roof slabs, can be used instead of full blocks where installation depths are very shallow, like under high groundwater conditions. They can be pre-assembled quickly by one person, either on site or before being delivered to site, without the need for any additional tools.

The open design of the inspection void gives an unrestricted view of the entire interior of the system, not just the inspection tunnel. This allows the internal areas of the system to be inspected by camera.

Access to the inspection tunnel from above is provided by a ‘QuadroControl ST’ polypropylene inspection shaft, which can be integrated in the storage / infiltration system. High performance inspection and flushing technology can easily be inserted via the shaft into the inspection tunnel.

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Rigofill® can store over 96% of its volume in water, making it an ideal choice where space is very limited. With a gross volume of 422 litres and measuring 800mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 660mm (D), each Rigofill® block provides a storage volume of 406 litres.

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Column design
Provides a high void rate (>96%), minimising installation footprint.

Stackable blocks
Saves 88% of storage space compared to storage / infiltration units that cannot be stacked.

Robust polypropylene construction
Ensures a lifespan of >50 years.

Low weight (<20kg)
Can be pre-assembled outside the excavation pit and easily moved around on site, requiring no heavy machinery.

Easy, high tensile strength, snap connections between blocks
Guarantees anti-twist connections during assembly, thereby optimising the blocks’ performance potential.

No requirement for a complex installation pattern
Assembly can be completed quickly by one person, therefore saving resources and limiting costs.

Designed to withstand heavy loads
Can be used in trafficked areas.

Cross-shaped inspection tunnel
Enables every part of the system to be inspected (and flushed if required).

Lateral guide rails
Ensures the smooth operation of an inspection camera.

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