SDS Aqua-Swirl® is a water separation solution that can be used as part of a complete water management programme.

It can be connected to a SDS GEOlight® stormwater attenuation or infiltration system to capture the majority of pollutants. It can also be used to extend the maintenance schedule of vegetative SuDS like ponds and basins.

How does it work?

SDS Aqua-Swirl® uses hydrodynamic separation technology, which operates under gravity flow, in order to maximise the removal of pollutants, that are typically found attached to silts and debris within surface water runoff, before its dispersal to a suitable outlet.

As well as recovering oils and floating debris, SDS Aqua-Swirl® effectively eliminates more than 80% of total suspended solids.

How is it installed?

SDS Aqua-Swirl® can be connected to a pre-existing stormwater management system as both inlet and outlet pipes can be tailored to site specific requirements.

Systems are sized according to site specific water flow rates, treatment and quality requirements and can even be manufactured to a bespoke size.

Want to find out more about how SDS Aqua-Swirl® can be applied to your development? Simply get in touch with a member of our team today.

Due to its small size, single sealed unit and low weight, installation can be easily carried out without the need for heavy machinery.

Maintenance is simple and efficient. SDS Aqua-Swirl® has no moving parts and provides direct access via inspection chambers from the surface to the sediment and oils accumulated in the reservoir.

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Manufactured from high strength plastic components with no moving parts included.
Offers a durable, light weight and low cost alternative to concrete. Easy and quick to install resulting in substantial cost savings.

Specialised sealed baffle vented to the surface.
Delivers the most effective performance of any vortex separator.

Large debris and sediment storage capacity.
Limits the amount of maintenance required.

Single swirl chamber.
Simplifies inspection and maintenance facilities with no special equipment required.

Compact dimensions.
Reduces ground excavation and product installation costs.

Small footprint design.
Can be retro-fitted with minimal disruption to existing infrastructure utilities or surface features, extending the ability to meet new regulations.

Suitable for use during site construction programme.
Can be put into operation prior to completion of the site build, with the inclusion of a planned maintenance schedule.

Installation lifting supports.
Easy installation without the need for heavy, expensive machinery.

Available in 9 different standard sizes.
Provides greater design flexibility and assists the removal of sediments at a greater rate than with comparable systems.

Bespoke units can be manufactured.
Satisfies even the most demanding installations.


A69 Bridge End

SDS’s largest Vortex Separator addresses road runoff pollution on busy main junction.

Berewood Phase II

SDS Aqua-Swirl™ projects residential development from runoff pollution

Prologis RFI DIRFT

SDS installs multiple stormwater treatment systems

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