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The 500 acre “Newlands” residential development at Berewood, Hampshire, is the largest of its type in the UK and, once completed, will accommodate over 2,500 homes, supported by a range of amenities and around 100,000m² of employment land.


Berewood sits on the border of Winchester and Havant, close to the bustling market town of Waterlooville. Construction of the whole development began in 2012 and is scheduled to continue until 2021. This second phase commenced in late 2017.

Phases of consented land are released to housebuilders only after the supporting infrastructure has been installed, for which SuDS are considered a priority. As each phase is launched, further SuDS will be installed, with developers integrating the existing surface water drainage scheme into each of the housing and commercial packages.

SDS Case Studies Berewood Phase II


SDS was required to provide pollution prevention services, while helping to develop a new wetland resource of substantial ecological and amenity value.

SDS worked closely with Consulting Engineers, Mayer Brown, to establish the key design criteria for the site’s sustainable drainage systems. This resulted in the adoption of a “SuDS management train” approach, whereby a series of above- and below-ground drainage techniques are used to change the flow and quality characteristics of the runoff in stages.

In this latest phase, a network of four SDS Aqua-Swirl™ model AS-2 and three SDS Aqua-Swirl™ model AS-3 Hydrodynamic Vortex Separators has been installed. Surface water runoff from the roads and the housing development construction site is first cleaned before entering one of seven separate ponds and swales that have been landscaped into the development.


The manufactured features of the scheme were required to be capable of controlling water not only upon final completion of the development, but also during its periods of construction, i.e. with a substantially higher level of water-bound contaminants than might normally be expected.

Specifying SDS Aqua-Swirl™ hydrodynamic separators gave added flexibility to engineer high-performance water quality protection upstream of SuDS ponds for the latest phase of the Berewood development.

SDS Aqua-Swirl™ was selected due to its ability to surpass Environment Agency required standards, thereby maximising pollution mitigation.


acres mixed use development


new homes


square metres of employment land

SDS’s bespoke in-house manufacturing facilities, together with a wide choice of product sizes and outlet pipe diameters, allowed us to minimise the sizes of the devices we required. With the added benefit of the Aqua-Swirl’s lightweight plastic construction, we were therefore able to reduce excavation and construction costs significantly.

Paul Stewart, Technical Director, Mayer Brown

Download the full case study here

SDS Aqua-Swirl Vortex Separator

SDS Aqua-Swirl™

SDS Aqua-Swirl™ is a custom engineered, flow through water quality device that utilises hydrodynamic separation technology to maximise the removal of sediment, debris and free floating oil within surface water run off.

The treatment flow rate of the SDS Aqua-Swirl™ system is engineered to meet or exceed the local water quality treatment criteria and form and intrinsic part of the SuDS solution train.

When connected to a SDS SYMBiotIC™ system, SDS Aqua-Swirl™ provides real time data on a broad range of key operating factors such as pollutant loads and silt capture level.


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