SDS Aqua-Filter™ is a unique and highly efficient water quality treatment solution.

By using the SDS Aqua-Swirl® swirl chamber for pre-treatment, followed by a filtration chamber for secondary treatment, SDS Aqua-Filter™ maximises the removal of suspended solids by up to 80%. This means that nutrients, heavy metals and hydrocarbons are removed from surface water runoff prior to its final conveyance to a suitable outlet. It also helps to eliminate 40% of total phosphorous.

How does it work?

SDS Aqua-Filter™ is designed with an internal flow diversion to bypass the flow when the filter media is saturated and awaiting maintenance. So, if there’s a major storm, any excess water is diverted from the filter to prevent any risk of back-up. The initial flush will always be treated, and the captured pollutants held until they are removed and disposed of, in line with local guidance.

How is it installed?

Systems are sized according to site specific water flow rates, treatment and quality requirements and can even be manufactured to a bespoke size.

SDS Aqua-Filter™ should be installed in an off-line configuration using an upstream diversion structure to direct only the designed water quality treatment flow through the Aqua-Filter™ system.

Twin or multiple Aqua-Filter™ system configurations can be implemented to allow for higher treatment flow capabilities beyond that of a single unit.

Due to its small size and low weight, installation can be easily carried out without a crane or other heavy machinery.

SDS Aqua-Filter™

Maintenance is just as simple too. SDS Aqua-Filter™ has no moving parts and provides direct access via inspection chambers from the surface to the sediment and oils accumulated in the filters.

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Manufactured from HDPE with no moving parts.
Offers a durable, lightweight and low-cost alternative to concrete.
Easy and quick to install resulting in substantial cost savings.

Dedicated filtration media supplied in small bags.
Suitable to each type of pollutant including small suspended particles, nutrients, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and poly aromatic hydrocarbons.

Large volume treatment capacity.
Can be sized for connection to more than one Aqua-Swirl®.

Lifting eyelets.
Easy installation without the need for expensive heavy machinery.

Twin access manholes with built-in ladder.
Provides easy access to recovered sediments and filtration elements.

Available in a range of lengths.
Can be used in a variety of water quality filtration flows.

Small footprint design.
Reduces ground excavation and product installation costs.

Bespoke units can be manufactured.
Satisfies even the most demanding installations.


Eastern High School

The UK’s first installation of SDS Aqua-Filter™

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