SDS GEOlight® is widely recognised as the UK’s market leading water storage and attenuation / infiltration system.

SDS GEOlight® has been constructed entirely from post-consumer recycled PVC waste, which is normally destined for landfill.

In 1996 SDS GEOlight® helped create the foundations on which our company was built, when we completed our very first, high profile installations at the incredible Louvre Museum and Roland Garros tennis stadium in Paris. Fast forward to the present day and SDS GEOlight® is used in all sectors of the Private and Public sector construction industry. We work in partnership with the UK’s leading contractors to supply both bespoke and off-the-shelf water storage solutions, in a broad range of capacities, to a diverse range of sectors, from industrial and transportation to residential and commercial.

How does it work?

SDS’s unique GEOlight® geocellular systems have been specifically engineered to form underground water storage reservoirs in stormwater management schemes. The size of these reservoirs is determined by the quantity of water to be stored, while the layout of each scheme is designed to suit the individual characteristics and limitations of each site.

Constructed in a modular format, SDS GEOlight® systems can be used under a range of surfaces including grass, porous and standard paving, tarmac and concrete.

Looking to maximise water storage capacity? SDS GEOlight® always delivers – its highly permeable honeycomb structure provides a void ratio of over 95%. It also has high compressive strength and is available in 400 kN/m² strength as standard; higher compressive strengths are also available from 600 to 1000 kN/m².

The water storage capability of SDS GEOlight® can be applied in many different ways:

Water recycling: Water can be pumped to a network of standpipes for irrigation as required.

Water pollution control: When combined with filtration devices and separators, SDS GEOlight® systems can replenish groundwater without the risk of contamination from oil, chemicals, hydrocarbons or suspended solids.

Embankment protection: SDS GEOlight® can be used to quickly form the base of embankments that only weigh a fraction of earth embankments (slope stabilisation).

For more information about how SDS GEOlight® can protect your development, have a chat with a member of the team now.

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High compressive strength.
Suitable for installation under all road, car park and amenity area surfaces.

High void rate (95%).
Minimises the required volume of earthworks, reducing excavation costs.

Light weight.
Easy to handle; a 1000m3 reservoir can be installed in one week.

Highly permeable honeycomb structure.
Possesses excellent hydraulic characteristics, offering low resistance to water flow.

Unique lateral and vertical filling arrangement.
Requires only a minimum amount of pipe work and stone; the depth of tank invert can be reduced by using patented lateral supply.

Simplified distribution pipe network.
Provides easy maintenance, dispensing with costly and complicated pipe work configurations.

Modular format.
Offers design flexibility to overcome topographical constraints and architectural requirements.

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SDS helps flood-proof Britain’s first ‘Super Garrison’.

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SDS protects new development of 1,200 homes against flooding and environmental pollution.

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SDS provided stormwater attenuation for development of over 2,000 homes

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SDS GEOlight® protects new shopping centre from risk of flooding