Jo Bradley, SDS Limited

Jo Bradley

UK Director of Operations, Stormwater Shepherds

Jo leads the UK activities of Stormwater Shepherds, an international not-for-profit organisation that seeks to instigate changes in behaviour to reduce stormwater pollution. She is already working on both local- and national- level initiatives to accelerate better protection for water environments from source to sea; targets in Jo’s sights for concerted action include plastic pollution and highway runoff.
In September 2020, Jo moved on from her post as Market Development Manager at SDS to take up her new challenge at Stormwater Shepherds. During her time at SDS, Jo campaigned for better water quality and raised awareness of the threat from tyre microplastics in road runoff. She was a regular guest speaker at industry events, as well as a frequent commentator in the water, environment and construction media.
Before joining SDS in 2016, Jo spent more than 20 years with the Environment Agency, where she was latterly national Water Quality Advisor and Highway Outfall Project Manager. While at the EA, Jo managed a key industry project, working with the then Highways Agency, to identify priority polluted highway outfalls for treatment interventions. She was also the lead author on several Pollution Prevention Guidance notes.
Throughout her career, Jo has maintained a strong interest and expert knowledge in pollution prevention issues often focussed on urban drainage and road runoff. Jo co-led the SDS project, working closely with the University of Chester, to develop and bring to market SDS Aqua-Xchange™, a new and innovative SuDS material that removes dissolved metals from highway runoff.

Kevin Reed

Water Recycling Manager, SDS

Kevin is one of the most knowledgeable professionals working in the field of commercial rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse systems in the UK today. His experience spans more than 30 years in surface water management, wastewater treatment systems, and civil engineering.
Kevin is passionate about the potential for water recycling technologies to tackle the country’s water scarcity challenges.
Kevin’s move to SDS, following the company’s acquisition of Waterscan in 2019, has allowed him to combine his wealth of knowledge in technologies for water recycling with a growing interest in the integration of rainwater collection with stormwater attenuation systems. He is closely involved in SDS’s development of smart control technologies for rainwater reuse.
Recently Kevin has been working on several flagship commercial rainwater and greywater recycling schemes, particularly in London. Kevin supports SDS customers and specifiers through the design, manufacture and installation of the company’s water recycling systems.
Key projects include the Southbank Place development, where the Intellistorm® intelligent attenuation control system has been successfully installed and commissioned. He has also worked closely with commercial clients and major hotel chains to provide state-of-the-art greywater reuse systems.

Mark Manning

National Specification Manager, SDS

Mark is an experienced and knowledgeable water industry professional, committed to combating the impacts of climate change by improving the UK’s defence against flooding and surface water pollution, as well as to tackling the growing challenges of water scarcity.
In his role firstly as Business Development Manager, and more recently as National Specification Manager, at SDS since 2012, Mark supports customers, specifiers, water company and environmental professionals in the design and installation of effective Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). He is regularly invited to deliver CPD training on the application of SuDS and water reuse technologies. Mark has been instrumental in furthering SDS product innovations that provide practical solutions for stormwater management and water reuse.
Throughout his career in the water industry, Mark has promoted change and acceptance of SuDS, and in particular, the application of new technologies to enhance system performance as well as to promote rainwater reuse. He regularly advises customers on how manufactured devices can work together with vegetative SuDS systems to achieve the most effective results.
Mark was instrumental in introducing HDPE hydrodynamic vortex separation (HDVS) and filtration devices to the UK and setting up a dedicated manufacturing operation. He is also at the forefront of bringing to market SDS’s “smart” technologies, in particular SDS SYMBiotIC™ and the Intellistorm® rainwater harvesting system.