SDS SYMBiotICenables the remote and autonomous control of any number of stormwater management devices, ensuring they continuously perform at their optimum operational efficiency.

SDS SYMBiotICprovides real time access via a web portal to a comprehensive range of operating data. Customer bespoke data extractions and reporting information feeds can be linked to notifications or alarms, for example via mobile and desk-top, for immediate action as required.

SDS SYMBiotICTM systems deliver key environmental and commercial benefits to the water and construction industry. Ultimately, they help water companies to reduce CSO spillage and pollution, identify and limit leakage and meet supply demand. These systems also support water companies that are adopting SuDS assets to manage the surface water drainage process.

SDS SYMBiotICTM comprises of a control box, sensor, cable and aerial and its equipped devices include SDS Aqua-Swirl® and Aqua-FilterTM stormwater treatment systems, Weholite attenuation tanks and SDS greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting systems.

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Benefits of SDS SYMBiotIC™


  • Maximises capacity in existing network
  • Mitigates flooding
  • Provides data for future asset planning
  • Minimises water wastage and leakage
  • Increases resilience to drought
  • Records assets location


  • Encourages water recycling and reuse
  • Protects and enhances environment
  • Reduces abstraction from natural supplies
  • Protects quality of receiving waters
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Increases site’s BREEAM points


  • Optimises SuDS design and minimises land take
  • Reduces structural stress from over-capacity
  • Facilitates proactive maintenance
  • Optimises CSO efficiency
  • Meets current and planned legislative and regulatory requirements


  • Achieves and demonstrates positive Return On Investment
  • Reduces operational and maintenance costs
  • Generates new revenue stream
  • Reduces water bills
  • Avoids CSO spillage fines


Hybrid cloud-/edge- based system.
Provides access to the huge storage capacity, processing capability and analytics power of the cloud.

Proven in-ground hardware.
Delivers system stability, versatility and operational robustness.

Autonomous operation within set parameters.
Devices such as valves and pumps are able to perform a range of functions automatically.

Swarm deployment – each SYMBiotIC™ device is capable of talking to one another.
Ensures full connectivity of messaging, control and reporting.

Decision-making capability for control applications extended to local devices.
Enables devices’ semi-autonomous operation in order to mitigate for issues such as network outage or communication delay that might be experienced by cloud-based systems.

Safe-to-fail operation.
Provides enormous versatility and resilience even when traditional cloud- or server- managed systems might fail.

Bespoke monitoring, measurement and reporting.
Each system is designed to the individual requirements of the customer (for example the carbon savings delivered by a rainwater harvesting and reuse system).

Hierarchy of multiple users and operators.
Visibility of, and reporting from, each of various SYMBiotIC™ devices can be set and adjusted at any time.

Simple notification architecture and reporting suite.
Provides clear and concise information dashboard, including details of each action notified, delegated, escalated and completed.

Provides information on, and control of, extensive range of asset factors.
Factors can include silt level, pollutants, tank water level, water consumption, release and reuse, system power supply, battery level and operating mode.

Service/maintenance notification.
Ensures system’s continuous optimal performance.

Battery backup.
System continues to operate in the event of a cut in power supply.

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