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SDS identifies and delivers engineering solutions that enable global water infrastructure to operate sustainably and to its maximum efficiency potential.

Water directly impacts us and our planet’s ecosystem. Whether we have too much or not enough, it is as much a life giving resource as it can be life threatening. As the world’s growing population continues to accelerate the pace of urbanisation, and a warming climate impacts ever more severely on our natural environment, water is instrumental in shaping our future world.



We have a number of unique and highly efficient water quality treatment solutions, designed to maximise the removal of pollutants.



Our water storage systems store, underground, water which is unable to soak into the ground naturally. It can later be released, under controlled conditions, or retained for subsequent use.



Our innovative water reuse systems are designed to improve efficiency and ensure sustainable business operations.


We were able to complete the works during ten overnight closures, with minimal disruption to the travelling public. We found it easy to make quick progress and to install a 130 metre length of filter drain each night. It was very refreshing to work closely with the SDS team and to experience their real commitment to seeing the environmental benefits of this product being realised.

Ben Dobson, Director, BDB

The London Plan directs that all developments should consider the re-use of rainwater in the design of stormwater drainage. For this project, we wanted to use a large proportion of rainwater to support the site’s air-conditioning cooling tower plant. Intellistorm® ideally suits the Southbank Place project. Most recently, we are now planning to utilise some of the rainwater, supplemented with greywater, with which to irrigate the neighbouring Jubilee Gardens.

Paul Taylor, Associate Director, AECOM

We have been extremely impressed with the quality of the Weholite product, which has not only effectively addressed our project requirements, but saved us time and provided excellent value.

Simon Collins, Contracts Manager, Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (BWSC)


Isles of Scilly Feasibility Study

SDS residential smart rainwater harvesting system tackles freshwater supply shortages.

A69 Bridge End

SDS’s largest Vortex Separator addresses road runoff pollution on busy main junction.

RAF Lossiemouth

RAF base equipped with Scotland’s largest Weholite surface water attenuation tank.