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SDS has successfully designed and installed a rainwater recovery system at Gregory’s Distribution, marking one of four installations initiated under the MOSL (Market Operator Services Ltd) “Market Improvement Fund” programme. This initiative repurposes water stored in pre-existing surface water attenuation tanks, contributing to sustainable water management practices.

The rainwater recovery process begins with the collection of water from rooves and hard-standings, which flow into the attenuation tank. A hydraulic brake, with an overflow weir-wall present in the downstream catchpit, creates the storage capacity from which rainwater can be recovered using a submersible pump and transferred along more than 100 metres of pipe to a 7,500 litre tank strategically positioned at the location of the depot’s vehicle washdown facility.

Notably, this particular project presented several unique challenges due to the complexity of the terrain. The transfer route from the catchpit to the washdown area traversed various terrain build-ups, including an expanse of tarmac, an extended stretch of soft ground, and across the depot entrance. To overcome these challenges without causing any disruption to depot operations, a specialised below-ground horizontal drilling rig was employed. This rig facilitated the drilling and installation of a conduit beneath the entrance, ensuring a seamless transfer of rainwater to the washdown area without disrupting the continuous access needed to the site.

The successful completion of this intricate project was marked by its commissioning and full operational status was achieved in November 2023. This accomplishment not only showcases SDS’s expertise in implementing sustainable water solutions but also contributes to the site’s broader goal of fulfilling its environmental responsibility. To date the system has recovered over 65,000 litres of rainwater and is expected to offset around 200,000 litres of potable water annually.