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Readers of Showhome magazine can learn about Southern Water’s adoption of SDS’s smart rainwater recycling system at residential properties in Deal, Kent.

The SDS Intellistorm® system is at the forefront of rainwater management, providing solutions to flooding and pollution while harnessing non-potable water sources. This technology predicts rainfall and instructs rainwater harvesting tanks to release water before storms, maximising storage and minimising overflow risks.

With the latest advancements in the technology, one smart tank now provides the same attenuation capacity of up to 75 conventional water butts, showcasing efficiency gains. In Deal, Kent, SDS partnered with Southern Water to deploy Intellistorm® systems, significantly reducing surface water flooding.

Community engagement was strong, with nearly half of homeowners opting to participate. Moreover, the involvement of the University of Exeter adds scientific rigour to the scheme’s evaluation.

Following success in Deal, Southern Water is expanding the Intellistorm® system to domestic households in Swalecliffe, Kent, aiming to mitigate sewer overflow risks and enhance coastal water quality.

In a world facing climate challenges, innovations like SDS Intellistorm® offer sustainable solutions for a resilient future.

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