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In Specifiers Journal‘s Summer/Autumn issue, SDS Water Reuse Manager Sam Burgess gives valuable insight into Rainwater Harvesting.

Sam discusses the importance of responding to climate change and the changing UK water management system in the article.

Currently, an avoidable amount of potable water is used for non-potable purposes. Grey- and rain-water recycling technologies can play a significant role in addressing supply shortfalls caused by continuous reliance on mains water.

“Of the potable water delivered to a home through public water supplies, around 50% is “wasted” on non-potable applications such as toilet-flushing and clothes washing machines. This 50% can as easily be provided by well-established water re-use technologies such as rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling.”

In the article, on pages 4-5 of the journal’s Summer/Autumn issue, Sam discusses Managing Water in a Changing World.

Read the full journal here. Read more about our water reuse services here.