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Careful consideration and planning for water management is becoming increasingly vital for housebuilders in the UK, spurred by supply-demand imbalances and evolving regulations. In December’s issue of Showhome Magazine Andrew Macdonnell, National Developer Services Manager at SDS, emphasises the need for proactive measures and solutions to address new legislative and environmental requirements.

Efficient water practices, such as rainwater harvesting and smart technologies like SDS Intellistorm®, offer tangible benefits in reducing consumption and supporting environmental goals. Community-wide solutions, separating potable and non-potable water supplies, are seen as pivotal in promoting sustainability and resilience.

As the industry embraces innovative approaches, collaboration and adoption of dual-feed systems are envisioned as the path forward to meet future water demands while ensuring compliance and environmental stewardship. For inquiries, contact Andrew Macdonnell at or +44 7970 397696.

Read the full article here (pages 76-77)