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Burmester & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (BWSC) has constructed on behalf of its client, Kent Renewables, a Combined Heat & Power Plant (CHP) to provide renewable heat and electricity to Discovery Park, one of Europe’s leading Science & Technology Parks, located near Sandwich, Kent.


The plant will generate circa 27.8MW of green electricity, sufficient to supply up to 50,000 homes, thereby reducing the region’s carbon footprint and reliance on imported fossil fuels. Any energy not used by the Park’s resident businesses and activities is sent to the electricity grid to power homes across the region.

SDS was tasked to ensure the fast and efficient removal of surface water from the site and to ensure its safe dispersal. This would be achieved by the integration of a surface water attenuation system to store and drain the water whilst avoiding ground settlement in the overlying log storage area.


The Weholite system, which has capacity to store up to 940m3 of water, comprises of a 6-leg attenuation tank of 2.2 metre diameter HDPE pipe, fitted with fabricated manifolds at each end and fully welded in order to ensure resistance to ground settlement and to maintain structural integrity under unique loading conditions.

The welded joints ensure that the HDPE pipe becomes a homogenous pipeline, capable of withstanding any ground settlement without compromising its structural integrity.

The material’s ability to flex enables the pipe to adjust to different loading conditions, vibrations, stress and soil movements without causing damage to the structure. Positioned under a log storage yard, the system is able to withstand a worse-case load of 420kN on a single wheel of a Liebherr LH50 log loader.


The product’s versatile nature and ability to be delivered from its South Wales factory in a timely manner, in unique sections of pipework, ensured that this project could be delivered in just a two-week period, saving the client several weeks on their initial projections.

The client also recognised the benefits of the Weholite product’s light weight, proven durability, resistance to abrasion and toleration of ground movements.

We have been extremely impressed with the quality of the Weholite product, which has not only effectively addressed our project requirements, but saved us time and provided excellent value.

Simon Collins, Contracts Manager at BWSC

Download the full case study here

SDS Weholite Pipes


This SDS Weholite large diameter pipes can be produced in lengths from 300mm to 30m in one spirally wound piece, making it one of the only polyethene pipes in the world than can be produced in dimensions larger than two metres and can be supplied in ring stiffness classes from 2 to 8kN/m².

Weholite can be used in a number of applications including, but not limited to hydroelectric pipelines and intake structures, anaerobic digestion and air vent systems, and as storage, contact and inter-process pipework for drinking water applications.

Weholite pipes have attained certification for DWI Regulation 31 Reference no DWI 56.4.513 “Approved for use in public water supplies” and are WRAS-approved.