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We were delighted to have been invited to present yesterday at the Future Water Association’s Conference on Developer Services, explaining how developers and Water Companies can collaborate and use SuDS to address nutrient neutrality and water scarcity at new residential developments.

Part of the Networks November series of events, this Conference represents the Association’s first ‘Connecting the future’ event, heralding a partnership between Future Water, Ciria and Buildoffsite.

SDS Director of New Technology Services, Dr Neil Sewell, explained how smart water recycling technology can address the dual threats of flooding and water scarcity and enable developers to meet the requirements of the imminent introduction into England of Schedule 3 of the 2010 Flood & Water Management Act.

Neil cited numerous examples of how both housebuilders and Water Companies have deployed the company’s smart water butts in both new build and existing residential developments, in which domestic size rainwater harvesting tanks have been equipped with SDS ‘Intellistorm®’ weather forecasting technology to do the same job that would otherwise require multiple “dumb” water butts.

If you would like to discuss how this technology might benefit your new development please get in touch with Neil directly at: