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SDS Intellistorm® now available for communities

SDS’s innovative rainwater management system, Intellistorm®, is now being extended to residential communities across the country.

Intellistorm® is designed to control rainwater runoff, primarily in urban areas, preventing flooding by reducing the strain of major rainfall events on drainage schemes.

In combination with SDS SYMBiotIC™ sensors and controls the system manages automatically the flow of rainwater, directing it to the most appropriate storage location for either reuse or discharge.

To date, Intellistorm® has primarily been used in large commercial developments and individual properties, but SDS is now expanding the system to help groups of properties manage their rainwater more effectively. This will be particularly beneficial for areas that are prone to flooding or have limited capacity for drainage.

The system is not only effective in managing rainwater, but it is also environmentally friendly. By reducing the strain on drainage systems, it helps to prevent pollution from overwhelmed CSOs and thereby protects water quality.

Furthermore, by providing a source of non-potable water supplies, the system helps to reduce mains-supplied water consumption and minimise abstraction from watercourses and bodies, with the greatest benefit to areas that are suffering from water scarcity.

The extension of Intellistorm® to communities is a particularly significant development, as it has the potential to make a real difference in managing the impact of heavy rain in urban areas whilst at the same time protecting our declining natural water resources

The diagram below represents our Intellistorm® system in a communal scheme in which a group of residential properties share a smart rainwater management system.

The diagram below represents our Intellistorm® system in a community scheme in which a residential development shares a single smart rainwater management system.