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SDS rainwater recycling system earns client sustainability recognition

We are delighted that the successful introduction of our rainwater recycling system has helped our end user customer Plymouth Argyle Football Club earn a top 5 position in the inaugural Sports Positive EFL Rankings for its commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible operations.

The Sports Positive ranking follows a series of commendations for the club’s environmental credentials in recent times, including scooping the prestigious Stadium Business Awards Sustainability & Community award alongside VfL Wolfsburg in 2022, alongside local recognition at the Plymouth Live Business Awards.

The system has been installed at Home Park with funding assistance from the Market Improvement Fund facilitated by Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL).

Since the new installation was switched on in January an impressive 85,000 litres of mains-supplied drinking water has already been saved, by replacing it with rainwater recovered from the club’s below-ground attenuation system. The tanks will continue to be monitored in order to see how much water can be saved in the coming months and as the seasons change.

Rainwater falls naturally on the pitch so replacing pitch irrigation with recovered, filtered rainwater is an obvious step with the potential to save millions of litres of relatively expensive treated tap water.

If you think your stadium or sports arena could benefit from a system like this please get in touch with SDS Market Development Manager Lorna Devenish by emailing or calling 07971 920290 … and perhaps you could also power your way to the top of the Sports Positive Rankings!