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Welcome to our Blog! As we set out on this new adventure, we hope you will enjoy our posts as much as we will enjoy writing them. Our blogs will cover a broad range of topics and our aim is to make them all of real professional value and interest to you, our readers.

We’ve set up a panel of expert bloggers, drawn from the many years of experience in the stormwater, pollution control and rainwater harvesting industries. Please visit the profile page to learn more about them. We hope to grow our blogger panel as time goes on.

Our Blog will be a place for topical commentary and analysis of current debates and regulatory developments affecting our industry. From time to time, we’ll answer some of the key questions both our existing and prospective customers might have about our products and services. We may also provide insights into our technologies, as we continue to innovate new products.

As you may have already seen, in the past, some of our bloggers have not shied away from being controversial if we feel it’s right to challenge existing thinking on topics such as SuDS design, water pollution or conservation.

Supported by our social media activity on Twitter and LinkedIn, we’ll let you know when there’s a new blog online that may be of interest to you. So please do follow us on Twitter @SDSWater and follow SDS Limited on LinkedIn.

Click the links below to read our first two blogs. We hope you find them interesting and useful.

Ten Ways to Encourage More Rainwater Harvesting 

Parts of the UK could run out of water in 20 years. To avoid shortages, we must break down the silos in our thinking. There’s no single bullet – a range of policy measures will be necessary. Kevin Reed considers ten key changes that could all contribute to avoiding future water stress.

Can SuDS Help Housebuilders Achieve Biodiversity Net Gain? 

Housebuilders in England will soon have an obligation to deliver a ‘net gain’ in biodiversity on their developments. Designing from a full toolbox of sustainable drainage components can help connect and restore natural habitats. How could SuDS help housebuilders to deliver biodiversity net gain? Mark Manning explores the options.