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Tests carried out by the University of Chester have confirmed that SDS Aqua-XchangeTM, a pioneering pollution treatment material, can be used successfully in sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to remove dissolved cadmium from surface water runoff.

SDS Aqua-XchangeTM is an engineered treatment media that can be used in regulatory-compliant sustainable drainage devices. The latest laboratory tests, designed to mimic natural rainfall levels passing through the material, demonstrated a 92% efficiency for capturing and retaining cadmium in runoff.

“Drainage designers can come across regulatory requirements to remove heavy metals, including cadmium, in some high-risk locations,” explains Mark Manning, SDS’s National Specification Manager. “Cadmium is classified as a Priority Hazardous Substance and closely controlled as part of the Water Framework Directive.

Already, SDS Aqua-XchangeTM has been proven to remove and capture 99% of the copper and zinc, and to retain all three metals even when applications of road salt were simulated.

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