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In its latest issue ‘Smart Water Magazine’ discusses cutting edge developments in greywater recycling technology and highlights the cash savings that can be achieved by adopting SDS’s new water reuse system.

The new SDS Greywater on Demand (GWOD) system promises to boost business sector efforts to save water by offering significantly improved investment returns for commercial developers and operators.
Using state of the art ultrafiltration technology, unique to the UK, together with smart water controls, it delivers a space saving, low energy and responsive system for commercial buildings, hotels and leisure centres.

Because of its ability to provide on-demand, quality recycled water at a higher rate than conventional systems, SDS GWOD has been highlighted by key industry media as a flagship technology in the SDS water reuse product range.

Kevin Reed, SDS Water Recycling Manager, states: “Up to 60% of the water used in commercial buildings, such as office blocks or hotels, is highly-treated drinking water that is used, wastefully, to flush toilets or irrigate gardens, where the level of treatment is simply not needed. More cost-efficient reuse of water will benefit water companies by decreasing the demand on an already stressed supply network.

Any technology must demonstrate it is commercially viable. New technologies like ultrafiltration and smart controls can lead the change, by making water reuse systems more accessible and attractive fiscally.

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