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Increasing sales of our Aqua-SwirlTM hydrodynamic vortex separator, used to remove polluting silts and sediments from surface water runoff as part of SuDS, has prompted a new partnership with off-site build specialist Asset International.

The innovative technology of the Aqua-SwirlTM was first introduced to the UK market in 2015 along with its sister high-performance filtration system, the Aqua-FilterTM. Production of both devices has already begun at Asset’s state-of-the-art fabrication plant in Newport, using Weholite HDPE components, and the first products have been delivered to site.

The arrangement has more than halved the delivery times to SDS customers as well as providing more opportunity to engineer bespoke components to meet the precise requirements of a drainage design,” says SDS Sales and Marketing Director Richard Averley.

SDS has a well-established reputation among contractors for making it easy and affordable to install compliant sustainable drainage schemes. The SDS Aqua-SwirlTM’s lightweight, plastic construction and large choice of sizes already make it a popular choice. Now contractors can expect even quicker delivery and the opportunity to specify bespoke piped connections to fit the drainage layout on site, thanks to Asset’s superior pre-fabrication facility and the benefits of the Weholite product.

SDS Aqua-Swirl Vortex SeparatorSince April 2015, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has required SuDS to be included in major commercial and housing developments in England. “We expect demand for water quality treatment devices to continue to grow, now that the Government has committed to building more SuDS as part of its 25-year Environment Plan, as well as further strengthening the NPPF to include a requirement for SuDS to be multi-functional,” Richard continues.

Simon Thomas, Managing Director of Asset International, said: “Asset International has more than 35 years’ experience of delivering UK manufacturing excellence in drainage and pipework products. So we are delighted to be partnering with SDS to provide a home base to meet the growing demand for stormwater treatment products.