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Our Case Study, featuring the results of a 3+ year scheme to equip in which multiple terraced properties on an established residential street in Newmarket, East Anglia, have been equipped with smart rainwater harvesting and reuse, is now published here.

The scheme represents one of the earlier examples of our work with @AnglianWater to help address the seemingly diametrically opposed issues of water scarcity and flooding using our Intellistorm®-equipped rainwater harvesting tanks.

Since their installation over 3 years ago, subsequent development of the smart technology has further increased the tanks’ efficiency in managing both water conservation and attenuation to the point where a smart tank has been shown to perform the function of an equivalent 75 traditional, “dumb” water butts.

Andy Bird, Lead Asset Planner – Water Recycling Infrastructure, at Anglian Water Services said: “We’re working with the best and brightest innovators and technology to make the water and water recycling network smarter, by saving water, fixing problems before they happen and protecting the environment. Our key goals include zero flooding and pollution and reducing customers’ water usage to record lows of 80 litres per person per day. The ‘Smarter Drop Street’ [Newmarket] project is one of the UK’s first comprehensive trials of retrofitted smart water tanks that will help us achieve these aims.”