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In a new podcast from Affinity Water, Sam Burgess, Water Reuse Manager at SDS, explains how SDS has worked with Affinity and Albion Water to equip 400 new homes in mid-Bedfordshire with water reuse systems, including rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling.

Dual use systems and meters, one for potable drinking water and the other for grey water appliances such as toilets and washing machines, facilitate an estimated 40 cubic metres of water per day that could be supplied back in non-potable water.

SDS SYMBiotIC™ will monitor and provide data on water consumption and savings, evaluating how this system compares with data from Albion Water sites that are not equipped with dual use systems.

By capturing rainwater at source and reusing that water on site, the risk of overflows downstream, together with associated pollution, that are caused by heavy rainfall, is avoided.

The OFWAT– and NESTA– based innovation project entitled ‘Project Zero‘ (aka ‘Water Neutrality at NAV sites’) will take place at three locations.

To listen to the podcast visit Youtube here.

Affinity Water’s Press Release can be read here.