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SDS was tasked with installing an 800 cubic metre tank on behalf of Solum Construction & Groundworks for the Dick Lovett Porsche dealership in Bristol. Our role extended beyond manufacture and installation, as we played a crucial part in developing an effective drainage strategy to mitigate flooding impact on the project site and its surroundings. 

The project site, which is located within the Dick Lovett car dealership campus at Cribbs Causeway, lies approximately 5 miles north of Bristol’s city centre and less than half a mile south of Junction 17 of the M5 motorway. Fuelled by increasing product demand, the expansion of the dealership is intended to further enhance the customer experience and staff working environment.  

Initial modifications to the site include additional parking, revised access, and the construction of a purpose-built Service Centre, set to serve as a facility for all of Dick Lovett’s brands in the near future, with both Porsche and BMW utilising the space as their dealerships expand. 

Due to impermeable clay geology and the presence of made ground, infiltration SuDS were deemed unsuitable for the site’s surface water disposal. Instead, an attenuation-based approach redirects surface water into the Henbury Trym river to the south of the site, utilising two attenuation tanks beneath the new car parks. 

Recognised as an SNCI (Site of Nature Conservation Interest) for its wildlife and habitat significance, the Henbury Trym and its associated riparian corridor form the primary ecological corridor in the area. Compliance with local planning requirements necessitated a sensitive design, ensuring the protection and enhancement of the local environment through measures such as stream-side vegetation improvement, retention and restoration of existing ponds, and the creation of new wildlife ponds. 

In line with the client’s sustainability and cost-effectiveness goals, SDS delivered a maintenance-free system, ensuring operational efficiency and also resulting in significant cost savings for the client.  

Dave Hares, Site Engineer at Solum SW Limited, said: ‘Thank you for your recent efforts at Porsche Cribbs. The installation went well, and everybody was happy with the process.’