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SDS has installed three smart rainwater management tanks at the Adastral Park Smart House, in Martlesham near Ipswich, for Professor Darryl Newport of the University of Suffolk.

The 275 litre tanks capture water from the roofs of the Smart House and deliver it via buried pipes to raised beds positioned a few metres from the property.

Using SDS proprietary “SYMBiotIC™” technology the tanks deliver water to the plants via a soaker hose inside the beds when soil moisture is low. SYMBiotIC™ has been configured to take the readings from the sensors and deliver water to the raised beds when certain thresholds are met; this can be adjusted depending on results. The system will not deliver water if it has recently rained. Overall, the system will ensure a high degree of water efficiency in this water-stressed part of England.

The sustainable water system is the latest addition to the Smart House, which seeks to demonstrate both sustainable building techniques and smart applications to achieve a lower carbon footprint.

SDS New Technology Services Director, Dr Neil Sewell, said: “Professor Newport set us an interesting challenge which takes our SYMBiotIC™ technology into new ground with this intelligent irrigation system. We were delighted to add our smart tanks to the array of interesting technology in action at the House where it can be part of research into sustainable building methods of the future.”

Professor Newport said: “I’m looking forward to getting some really interesting data from the innovative SYMBiotIC™ tanks. I’d like to express my thanks to SDS for their willingness to join this pioneering partnership research project.”