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SDS is pleased to introduce a new Integrated Water Management brochure, demonstrating our industry leading, smart-enabled systems, designed to help create a more water secure future.

The escalating and unprecedented pressure on the water sector due to climate change, population growth and modern lifestyles, alongside the impact of over-abstraction and sewage overspills, have contributed to a number of water-related risks, including water scarcity, pollution and flooding, all of which have widespread social and economic impact.

At SDS, we believe that innovative technologies, and an integrated approach to water management, are key for delivering long-term resilience to the availability of this precious, life-giving resource.

SDS’s holistic approach extends across the entire water lifecycle, including water storage, conveyance, treatment and reuse systems, which provide proactive and sustainable solutions for flood prevention, drought mitigation, environment protection, and ultimately water security.

Our Integrated Water Management Brochure showcases how SDS has worked with Water Companies and Developers to deliver innovative solutions for surface water management, water treatment, rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling, hybrid systems combining the best of engineered and natural SuDS, and the smart technology we’re developing to improve efficiency, performance and positive environmental outcomes.

A variety of case studies depict the versality of Weholite (a) as a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete water storage, conveyance and treatment solutions.

SDS is committed to continually developing new engineering solutions to meet future construction and lifestyle needs, and the demands of our growing and loyal customer base.

The acquisition of Albion Water allows us to take our forward-thinking approach across the entire water network and provides a unique opportunity to deliver truly sustainable solutions for our customers, the public and the environment.

Download our Integrated Water Management brochure or get in touch to find out how we can add value to your existing properties or new developments.