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In the latest issue of ABC&D Magazine SDS Sales & Marketing Director, Richard Averley, discusses the important part water reuse plays in the solution to reducing mains consumption and highlights advances in technology that can help reduce the amount of treated drinking water consumed.

“Just imagine if you turned on a tap and nothing came out. We are so used to freely available, clean water, it doesn’t seem conceivable. Yet, parts of England are predicted to face serious water shortages by 2050 unless there is a mammoth effort to reduce consumption.

Rainwater Harvesting Active SystemThe National Infrastructure Commission has said a reduction in demand of nearly 4,000 megalitres per day will be needed by 2050, and the water-saving NGO Waterwise wants each person’s water use to reduce from the current average of around 140L to 100L per day by then.

We expect clean, treated water to be as abundant as the air we breathe. Yet, unlike the air, it needs to be collected, conveyed, and heavily treated in carbon-intensive processes.”


You can read this illuminating article in full here.