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Developers are increasingly encouraged to put into practice schemes that provide an overall increase in natural habitat to help restore ecological networks.

In an article featured in the latest issue of ‘Environment Times’ SDS National Specification Manager, Mark Manning, discusses whether SuDS can help put a stop to biodiversity declines.

SDS Case Studies Stortford Fields

‘Floods, droughts and wildfires provide us with frequent reminders of the impact of global warming, but the catastrophic decline of wildlife species is a silent, almost unnoticed emergency. More than 100 British species have become extinct in the last 100 years and many more are threatened.

Multiple Benefits

The potential of SuDS to green urban infrastructure and encourage wildlife has certainly long been recognised as one of the four ‘pillars’ of SuDS, alongside their ability to protect against flooding, treat pollution and provide community amenities. Now, the Environment Bill, currently progressing through parliament, embodies a requirement for new developments to deliver a ‘net gain’ in biodiversity, and SuDS could help developers to achieve those obligations.

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