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A new guide to Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) by Water & Wastewater Treatment magazine has been published in association with SDS.

WWT Explains… SuDS is an informative and comprehensive resource for contractors, engineers, developers and water companies alike. It explains the benefits and challenges of implementing SuDS, the different types of solutions available, the regulatory backdrop and the practical steps involved in their installation and use.

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to partner with WWT magazine in this comprehensive online guide to SuDS,” said Richard Averley, SDS Sales & Marketing Director. “Sharing and encouraging best practice in surface water management is fundamental to the uptake of more well-engineered schemes in future.”

The future for SuDS implementation across the UK looks brighter now than it has done for some time, with the UK Government making renewed commitments and growing opportunities for water companies to adopt surface water assets.  So, there has never been a better time to promote the use of SuDS and share the best in surface water drainage tools and techniques.

We hope everyone will enjoy reading WWT Explains… SuDS which can be download here.